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Help restore the planet through a monthly subscription. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week you can become climate positive

Planting a tree in soil

Help restore the planet

There are billions of concerned people on this planet who care, but don't know how to make a meaningful contribution. If we can get the right platform that allows us to make the impact we want to, and continue the process of carbon awareness then there's an amazing opportunity.

Reforestation benefits the earth and local communities

Forest canopy

Grow your own forest

Plant at least 12 trees per month and watch your forest grow. You'll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.

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Reduce carbon pollution

Give back more to the planet than you take. You'll fund the highest standard climate projects to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future.

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Challenge your carbon footprint

Set yourself goals and embark on the rewarding journey to low-carbon living. Once you become aware you won't stop!

Feel empowered, challenged and inspired. Join us and take real climate action.

What our customers say

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Ajay Bakshi

"I was overjoyed to have come across Enviro. Seeing my contributions go to real projects that make a real difference."

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Jasmine Cole

"Being able to contribute to a firm that I know is ecologically conscientious and doing good in the world is quite reassuring."

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Brett Sayles

"Enviro is a fantastic option for assisting us in achieving our net-zero carbon footprint target. I highly recommend joining them."

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Recent projects

Amazon protection

We'll be supporting the protection of 98,932 hectares of Amazonian rainforest in south-east Peru. Each year, 659,793 tonnes of CO2e will be prevented from entering the atmosphere if this land is protected..

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Malawi clean water

1 in 3 people in Malawi do not have access to clean water. We are providing communities in Malawi with direct access to safe drinking water.

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Chile landfill gas capture

The landfill gas at the Santa Marta landfill site in Chile is being converted into electricity. The implementation of this project will prevent environmentally damaging methane from being released into the atmosphere.

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About us

We created Enviro so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis

Enviro was formed in San Francisco, CA, by a group of environmentalists. They were dissatisfied because many of us are unable to contribute adequately to the massive climate crisis.

It began in early 2018, while Chris was on his way to work in the morning. He was buying a coffee, as he had done thousands of times before, and he wondered aloud to himself, "How much climate action could I fund with the money I spent on a coffee?"


A selection of features included in your plan

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Carbon Reduction

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Climate positive

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Community Forum

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Select your monthly plan

Plant trees and offset your carbon footprint



The ideal sized plan for an average US citizen to get started.

  • 12 trees planted
  • 1 footprint reduced
  • Email support
  • Help center access



The plan for those people who drive or fly more frequently.

  • 24 trees planted
  • 2 footprints reduced
  • Priority email support
  • Help center access



For regular flyers, or folks who want to make a bigger contribution.

  • 48 trees planted
  • 4 footprints reduced
  • Phone and email support
  • Help center access


Climate action comes in all shapes and sizes, browse our products below

A business team collaborating on a project

Climate Positive Workforce

With our Climate Positive Workforce, we're here to assist your company in taking its first essential steps toward climate action. Set your complete team's personal and professional lives in balance, then see the influence grow on your profile and plant trees in your corporate forest. This is a benefit that will not only benefit your employees, but also your consumers.

What is Collective Action?

The global difficulties we face, such as the climate crisis, are intimidating at best and hopeless at worst.

We can make a difference by banding together to meet the greatest challenge of our lives. We can make real, tangible change with a little help from a lot of people. What could we all do if millions joined our movement? Our Enviro community has already accomplished remarkable things; what could we all achieve if millions joined our movement?

Your assistance is required by the planet. Let's turn the climate problem around. Take part in the movement.

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